Wroost. /roost/
1. A place where birds regularly settle or congregate at night. 
2. A marketing company that’s home to creative ideas, strategy and content solutions.



roost took flight after Jen and Kerren spent years navigating the freelance world. They were both working for real estate agents, entrepreneurs and tech companies seeking quality content and online marketing services that took their unique brand and voice into account. When they met it seemed too perfect. Two people looking to design a company that was personal, compassionate, smart and well-organized. Two people with eons of experience in complimentary fields.

The company was built over spreadsheets (seriously, you should see what Kerren can do in Excel), calendars, lists (Jen has journals and journals of them) and many, many, many (really, we can’t use that word enough) hours learning code to create Wroost.

Wroost values creative, authentic content established through integrity, research, congeniality, and good, clean writing. That means a lot of questions, hustle, grammar, and smiles. 



Kerren Dempsey

Co-founder, CEO

Hard-core online marketing guru whose organization and strategy sessions will dazzle you. She’s a writer, digital maven and has a smile for miles.

Meet Kerren


Jennifer Christgau-Aquino

Co-founder, President

Clever and quick with the English language, she’s fanatical about style and kindness. She’s an idea generator and doer, who’s a little bit OCD and a smidge whimsy. 

Meet Jennifer

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