Wroost. /rōōst/ noun

  1. A place where birds regularly settle or congregate at night.
  2. A marketing company that’s home to creative ideas, strategy and content.

Wroost took flight, as all good start-ups do, at a Starbucks over paper napkins and coffee cups. Jen, a journalist by trade, had spent years writing and editing and launching publications while Kerren had worked for tech companies and entrepreneurs. Their complementary backgrounds and their shared love of marketing and good writing made Wroost a slam dunk. 

The company was built over spreadsheets (seriously, you should see what Kerren can do in Excel), calendars, lists (Jen has journals and journals of them) and many, many, many (really, we can’t use that word enough) hours learning code to create Wroost.

Wroost values creative, original, researched content and strategy tailored to your unique needs.


Kerren Dempsey

Co-founder, CEO

Hard-core online marketing guru whose organization and strategy sessions will dazzle you. She’s a writer, digital quarterback and has a smile for miles.

Jennifer Christgau-Aquino

Co-founder, President

Clever and quick with the English language, she’s fanatical about style and kindness. She’s an idea generator and doer with a smidge of whimsy. 


We roost with the best graphic designers, writers, web developers and photographers who offer a variety of styles and price points.

Jennifer Keith

Visual storyteller & logo generator with ideas for days. She’s a machine.

Megan Pickett

A writer, a philanthropist and an all-around cool lady.

Aimee Lewis

Journalist & word maverick. She’s got four kids, so she’s a great listener.

Frank Bravo

A creative technologist with a graphics and media background.

Let’s make something together.