Our Successes

We’ve helped more than 60 companies (big and small), written more than 1 million words and completed more than 1,000 projects. These client success stories highlight the full range of services we offer. For a list of what we can do, check out our services page.

Kris Nations Jewelry

Content, Strategy, SEO, e-mail campaigns, video

This successful sister team hired us to grow their already thriving modern jewelry business featured in Nordstrom, Marine Layer, and boutiques throughout the country. We worked to identify marketing opportunities, develop their voice and tell their story. We studied their audience, competition and came up with visually and verbally stimulating ways to expand their reach.

Email campaign

Since most of their clients shop online, we wanted to continue driving Web sales. We worked with Kris and Kim to showcase products through a targeted twice weekly e-mail campaign. The result: More clicks that translated into increased sales.


Kris and Kim had an incredible story of sisterhood and female entrepreneurship. We wanted to highlight their success and personalities with a video that tells their story and highlights the handmade aspect of their multi-million dollar business. We hired a talented team of videographers and producers and scripted this video that beautifully highlights their success.

Kerwin + Cowperthwaite

Content, strategy, print materials, video, Website, targeted e-mail campaigns, blogging, client gifts

Highly successful after more than thirty years in the real estate business, Kerwin + Associates has always been on the cutting edge. Terri Kerwin called us because she wanted unique marketing solutions as luxury as her service. Through extensive market analysis, we developed print materials, updated branding, and created a marketing strategy and calendar to expand the brand.


One of our biggest projects was developing an online presence for the new brand Kerwin Cowperthwaite Group by working closely with a team of Web developers to rebrand and update the Website. We led a video team to shoot a lifestyle video, wrote new language and constructed a new aesthetic for the home page to appeal to the team’s target audience. Since launching, the team has doubled their listings and sales.


Print, online and in social media we created the Kerwin aesthetic and voice, working to promote the brand in multiple quarterly campaigns that showcased its ethos. We designed and placed ads for Luxe, Punch, sfgate and more. We also developed a social media campaign and calendar, creating social media posts and images that increased the brand’s social media interaction by 100 percent.


Website, branding guidelines, logo, newsletter template, merchandise

Politically charged, this group banded together to increase civic engagement in politics. Their goal is to make an impact on the number of voters and volunteers who participate in elections. Left leaning, they wanted to make it easy for people to get involved. We led the development of their naming, aesthetic, logo, and branding, conducting market research on like-minded organizations and finding language plus designs that best reflect their goals. The result: they enlisted more than 100 individuals, wrote more than 25,000 postcards for National Voter Registration Day and have donated thousands of hours to curing ballots, staffing polls and increasing voter turn out.

We helped Activate22 streamline ideas into a modern logo that precisely identifies their purpose, embodying action, urgency and the nature of their work.

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